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New research identifies widespread sexism in the tourism sector

Employees in the tourism sector are often young, immigrants and women. And they are subjected to more sexism than workers in many other industries....

3d-print Sports tech

3D-printing for the future

Ten years ago, Mid Sweden University acquired a 3D-printer for SEK 7 million. It provided researchers with unique opportunities and an advantage over the...


Paper replacing plastic

A unique manufacturing method for reinforcing paper packaging could mea new opportunities for the forestry industry. Researchers at Mid Sweden...

News and Upcoming Events

Exchange studies

The application for exchange studies autumn 2018 will open 1 March and closes 16 April 2018.

Master Studies

Late applications are considered for some Master’s programmes starting autumn 2018.


The application for tuition fee scholarships for a number of selected Master's programmes are open until 5 February.